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Unwanted (2012)

This is a wake-up call to all self-absorbed parents. It was made for the Nikon online movie challenge called "In Motion". It didn't win but some parents said they could not watch the whole movie because they felt bad for the child. That's a good reaction. Ebbe, who played the child, did not suffer in any way. He was just angry and started to cry as soon as the car stopped moving.


This is the story of a child who is thrown between mother and father. They are both busy with their own lives and careers. The child is just for show, and after the divorce, aren't really necessary anymore.

Writer & Director

Fredrik Lindau


Fredrik Lindau


Ola Jansson


Ebbe Kjellström ... The Child
David Nilsson ... The Father
Annelie Sjölin ... The Mother

A very special thanks to

Martin Svensson

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