Poster for Triple Nature

Triple Nature (2014)

Horror meets comedy in this short. A tragic life story suffered by a kind and innocent little figure in the woods. Shoot in only two days in a old cottage far away from everything, two rainy days. There is a short video documentary of the two days under the "video"-section...and bloopers, don't forget to see the bloopers.


A woman gets lost in the forest after a fight with her boyfriend. She finds a small house and asks for directions from the man living there. He invites her in. Soon she realizes that the man isn't just a man. This movie is about a woman fighting for her life, and a man trying to find love in any form he can.

Writer & Director

Fredrik Lindau


David Nilsson


Andreas Ahlm

Sound design

André Karlberg

Fredrik Gröndahl

Sound recordist

Tine Folkmann

Elin Östlind


Ida Karolin Johansson ... The Woman
Stefan Johansson ... The Man

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