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Timed Out (2016)

A short film about a gun for hire and a stolen time device. A flirt with the 80's. A film with one-liners that will make you shudder.
All that an action film from yesterday had, seasoned with a pumping soundtrack and a dark sense of humor. A homage to the many action films of yesteryear.


Mr Swartz gets an assignment from his boss, Miss Vysoskaya, to eliminate a person who has stolen some plans from her. The plans are for an advanced machine, a Time Scope, that can show the future. Although, the job isn't that easy, and Mr Swartz runs in to some resistance. Will he get the plans back, or will they get in to the wrong hands and change the future forever?


What Goes Around, Comes Around


Fredrik Lindau

Director & Scriptwriter

Fredrik Lindau


David E Nilsson


Fredrik Gröndahl

Sound Effects Supervisor

André Karlberg

ADR Recordist

Kalle Johansson
Fredrik Gröndahl
Fredrik Lindau

Special Effects CGI

Fredrik Lindau


Fredrik Lindau


Fredrik Lindau ... Mr Steven Swartz
Elin Östlind ... Miss Valentina Vysotskaya
Kieron Mavor ... Mr Irwin Raggladesh
Lilly Fatalla ... The Cheeky Kicking Girl
Mheray Magdaloyo ... The Girl Running For Her Life
Beatrix Mavor ... Grumpy Chef In The Fridge
Adrian AJ Woottoon ... Really Bad Guy In The Kitchen
Ellen Nilsson ... The Woman Dancing On The Bed
Peter Nehlep ... Mad German Scientist
Sophie Wikman ... Whiny Receptionist In The Freezer
Dominic Carter ... The Not So Bad Guy In The Closet

Voice Artists

Marie Gröndahl ... Whiny Receptionist In The Freezer
Annica Alienus ... The Woman Dancing On The Bed

Thanks to

Best Western Hotell Göteborg
Aberdeen Asset Management
Satu Lehto
Iowan Hedendahl
Katja Lindblom
Daniel Johansson

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