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Endgames (2016)

This is a film about not wasting your life. To snap out of what you're doing, and look at where you are. The longest short in production until this date. Shooting started in the spring of 2012 and finished 2016. But at least it is done.


In a distant dystopian future, the remaining survivors of a holocaust is being hunted by the enemy. One man tries to escape and finds that his destiny is closely connected to a teenage boy.


Life has no restart button


Fredrik Lindau


David E Nilsson
Fredrik Lindau


Fredrik Lindau


David E Nilsson


Fredrik Gröndahl

Sound Effects Supervisor

André Karlberg

Special Effects CGI

Fredrik Lindau


Fredrik Lindau
David E Nilsson


Fredrik Lindau ... Hunted Man & Thug in Forest
Axel ... The Boy
Martin Svensson ... Homeless & Thug with Flashlight
Kajsa Larsson ... Homeless
Carl-Johan Ahlström ... Homeless & Violent Thug
Helene Theding ... The Mother
David E Nilsson ... Dead Man & Man under Bridge
Rickard Fält ... Homless

Thanks to

Chip n' play
Jonas Villadsen

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