Dead Love (2012)

Dead Love is about love and strong bonds over time and space. A tale of two souls that belong together. This is now a classic movie. The first one ever made. Ther is a whole website about the movie. go there and read all about the burdens of filming.


An ordinary evening on the city's local bath and spa. Everyone has stopped working for the day and the caretaker begins his evening shift. Many things has to be done now that the bath is closed and the guests have gone. But is it really empty?

Writer & Director

Fredrik Lindau
David Nilsson


David Nilsson


Ola Jansson


Anne Lichtenstein ... Receptionist
Fredrik Lindau ... Janitor
David Nilsson ... Drunk
Nathalie Samuelsson ... Ghost
Annelie Sjölin ... Ghost in 1900


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