Why the name Skunk Pictures?

The namn came pretty simple actually. When we sat down to write and brain storm about the script for Dead Love we sat in my apartment. And the buildings property designation is "the Skunk" or in swedish "Skunken". The animal skunk can have a bit of a negative tone to it, but not this skunk.

kunky is our very own mascot. He has attitude with his spiky hair and long flowing tail. Apart from the fact that it is the name of a apartment building, Skunk is a cute little animal. That is if you can look past the defense mechanisms of spraying an intruder with a very strong odor. Hopefully the movies he will inspire to won't stink as much as he might be able to.

The drawing is made by Anders Lidman. He runs a tattoo parlor i Gothenburg named Painted Pirate. If you are in to tattoos or just like fine and very cool art you should look at their website paintedpirate.com and their Facebook page facebook.com/PaintedPirate. Anders and his colleagues are very talented and skilled at what they are doing so it's well worth a visit.

So there you have it, the story behind the name and our mascot.

The End