Shooting "Unwanted"

Shooting began one early morning in June. Bilia, Sisjön, had entrusted us with one of their test vehicles, a red Volvo V70. The sun was shining and everything was looking great. Then things started to go wrong...

The first kid, that was supposed to play the crying child, got sick the same day we where going to film. We had to find another kid. Luckily we found Ebbe Kjellstöm, he had just eaten and his father, Martin Svensson, went along to film the few frames with the kid.

Ebbe Kjellström

Crying kid

Unfortunately Ebbe is a very happy child, and according to the script he was supposed to cry. That wasn't as easy as one could think. Once we got the car rolling he did not cry, he liked the car. How ever the problem resolved itself when the car stopped, then the flood doors opened and Ebbe cried. So we filmed all frames of Ebbe in an stationary car.

The reason that Ebbe is called Lisa in the movie is that the original kid was a girl and we had no time to change the script. Hopefully, this won't leave any permanent damage on Ebbe.

Car rig

Once all the shoots with Ebbe was done we drove around Gothenburg and filmed the car driving. We also used the car rig to get some nice footage from outside the car. We managed to get them all before the rain arrived, as always in Gothenburg. All the scenes from within the garage was filmed during heavy rain.