There was a red cabin in the woods

That's a good start for any horror flick. Triple Nature was born out of the location that was available to us. That is how this story starts for us to, with a red cabin in the woods.

Tripe Nature was shoot during a weekend in the fall of 2013. It started with the location, the red cabin. It was an old house from 1800-something. Then I wrote the script very fast, maybe to fast. Planed every shoot in the house. Timed it and made schedules for every shoot. Once we got started it all went out the window. Time was short and the clock kept ticking. Soon I realized that if anything was going to be made we had to speed things up, so I threw the schedule away. Two days was a bit to short for this film.

Hardware problems

The transitions between the different characters was suppose to be a completely different effect. But to do that right you needed much more material of the characters rotating in slow motion, and that wasn't possible. The camera we used was a Black Magic Cinema Camera 2,5 K. A cheaper alternative to a better camera, if you can say it like that. But it didn't perform that well in low lights. That made it difficult to remove the green windows in post. The photo was to grainy to make anything of it. I had to do a lot of grain removal but still couldn't remove it all. The fan on the camera was loud, and the camera itself wasn't lightweight. I like the Black Magic idea but this was one of their first attempt to make a camera for the independent filmmakers. It could have been a little better than this. They have made a lot of improvements in cameras that has been released since this one.

Clothes and bones

The cloths for the mummy was made out of old sheets and coffee and the for the color. Smelled a bit weird but it looked good. The vampire cap was tailored just for this occasion. We bought the skeleton from USA, two full skeletons and some skulls and a "Bag of bones" with random bones. It all weighed 52 kg (~115 lb). I ordered it 24th of October 2012. It all arrived intact in four cardboard boxes the 15th of January 2013. So we have a lot of bones but haven’t used them all for something yet. But it will come to use. Oh, and of course the skeletons are made out of plastic.

Filming Triple Nature wet quick, but the post production did not. It was a pain mostly because the raw material was worse then expected. It wasn’t fun to work with grainy footage and streaks of colored grains that rolled over the photo in some frames. But I made the best I could with what was given. No point in giving up and deleting the material. When the music was added it took some of the attention from the photo, and it looks okay.

Filming a 15 minutes film in just two days, with a lot of make-up and costume change, that’s not for me. I know that know, and it will never happen again. Triple Nature has it's own small documentary film, and some bloopers. Watch it below.

Written by Fredrik Lindau