Posters with a meaning

Posters that represent the movie in more ways than that which meets the eye. Below I explain the thoughts behind the posters.

Endgames Poster

The poster for Endgames has an four way button as a symbol. The colors are dark and the button and text are metallic. The film is very dark and is about making choices in life. That's where the symbolism comes in with the four way button, you have to choose a direction in a game just as in life. The log-line "Life has no restart button" is also a hint of what life is all about. You can't redo thing in life, but you can choose a new direction in life.

Timed Out Poster

The Timed Out-poster has more of a 80:s feel to it. The main character is the largest in the poster. Still he is a bit out of focus and he looks down. But his boss is in focus and her eyes looks straight at you. You can see who's in charge. The bad guy is below both the main character and his boss. His status is lower, this is also manifested in him crouching forward. The main character is looking down at him and he has the siluett of a gun in his direction. The clock-face with no pointers is also a hint that the movie is about time. That the time is irrelevant in this story, although it plays a key part.

Dead Love Poster

Dead Love is a film about love and longing. The pink rose for the post symbolizes that longing. In the rose-language, Swedish version, pink stands for "I'm in love with you and pledge allegiance to you". The number of roses, in this case one, stands for "You are my everything". That reflects on how long the ghost has waited to find her long lost love.

written by Fredrik Lindau