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Unwanted (2012) - Poster
Triple Nature (2014) - Poster

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You can watch our older movies right here on the site for free. Dead Love (2012), Unwanted (2012) and Triple Nature (2014). They are hosted on Vimeo.

Dead Love at Comic Con Karlsruhe!

Once again Germany shows its formidable taste in terms of film. "Dead Love" will appear on Film & Comic Con Karlsruhe as part of a block of foreign horror films. This will happen the 4th of November 2017.

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..that's a good start for any horror flick. Triple Nature was born out of the location that was available to us. That is…
— September 21, 2016
Endgames is a short feature film about gaming and how much you do it. The action scenes are suppose to illustrate scenes…
— September 13, 2016
Posters that represent the movie in more ways than that which meets the eye. Explaining the posters and why they are…
— September 7, 2016
The namn came pretty simple actually. When we sat down to write and brain storm about the script for Dead Love we sat in…
— July 11, 2014
Shooting began one early morning in June. Bilia, Sisjön, had entrusted us with one of their test vehicles, a red Volvo…
— July 7, 2014

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Skunk Pictures is a production company in Gothenburg, Sweden. Making short films on a budget with the goal to move up to full length cinema productions.